Lohagad Fort Trekking

praveen March 19, 2021, 12:21 p.m. · 5 min. read
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As winter begins, many trekkers booked their calendar for treks nearby Pune and Mumbai. I’m also interested to start some trekking activity this winter. we started lohagad fort treck at early morning @4.30 from pune. It was the second time we were going to Lonavala by bike. we reached Lohgad Fort base village by 6:30 AM via mumbai-pune old highway and we started to climb the steps of the lohagad fort with my friend madhukar, abhi and amol

Since it was a Sunday early morning, the fort was almost uncrowded. While climbing we took lots of photos and videos.

There are many things to see in the fort. On reaching halfway, we were able to see the Pawna Lake behind the fort. There are 4 Darwajas on the lohagad fort. The Ganesh Darwaja, the Narayan Darwaja, the Hanuman Darwaja, and the Maha Darwaja. The Hanuman Darwaja is the oldest among them and remaining 3 doors were built by Nana Phadnavis.

There are many monkeys on the fort, who are ready to snatch the food items from you. Ganesh Darwaja is the first entry point. There are cannons after entering Ganesh Darwaja. There was a secret cave which had only one window as a source of light. All the doors are still quite strong and located on the serpentine ascent of the fort. One has to go through all the doors to reach the top.

Once you enter through the Maha Darwaja, you can see an old Darga on the left, few cannons, Mahadev Mandir. Approximately there are 500 steps to the fort. There are 2-3 water tanks.

After few min walk, we reach the starting point of Vinchu kata. is a 1500m long & 30m wide part of the mountain with a bastion on the end There are 2 ways to go to Vinchu kata. One is by crossing difficult rock patch and other is a very narrow route. When we reached bastion on Vinchu kata, the weather was cleared and we enjoyed the beautiful view.

We took some rest and after taking some photos, we started with our return journey. It was 11AM in clock and now many trekkers were approaching towards Vinchu kata. We were lucky as we covered all main places within time.

Is Lohagad Fort Trek Easy : Lohagad Trek Details

  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Endurance Level: Medium
  • Base village for Lohagad: Lohagad Wadi
  • Lohgad Fort Height: 3400 ft.
  • Location: Lonavala
  • Total time required for climbing: 35 minutes from Lohagad Wadi.
  • Total distance for climbing: 4-5 km
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