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kikWASH is a small startup idea put forth by the alumni of CDAC Pune. We are a team of hard working and dedicated men that have united together to achieve our common idea.


We aim at reducing the stress level of citizens around and avoiding long tours to the iron and laundry services.
You can avail our online services for laundry wash of your clothes, effortlessly.


We offer a variety of services that help you take care of your belongings and stay up-to-date.
1 ) Wash
2) Wash and Iron
3) Dry clean
4) Ironing
5) Shoe wash
6) Bags Wash

We offer attractive discounts and offers to our first customers. To avail the benefits of these discounts, check our mobile app


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We have currently set up our base and started in areas of Pune.
With your support and contribution, we aim to take our kikWASH forward and target the major areas and
cities of Mumbai, Ahmednagar, Bengaluru, Noida in the upcoming months.